Is A Thailand Destination Wedding The Right Choice For You?

Thailand Destination Wedding2What images come to mind when I mention the land of Thailand? Do you picture overcrowded streets jammed with bicycles and small cars? Do you imagine thousands of horns honking and exhaust fumes mixed in with the cook smoke of street vendors? Or do you think of beautiful beaches, warm friendly people and religious temples that are thousands of years old?

Yes, Thailand is a very diverse land and has much beauty and romance to offer. No wonder beach weddings Thailand are among the most popular in the world. But why Thailand? Come and look around with us and then you will understand.

Welcome to the exotic land of Thailand! This lush, green country in Southeast Asia is filled with beautiful treasures for you to discover and enjoy. You will visit small, peaceful villages with thatched roofs dotted along the Mekong River. You will also experience lush jungle greenery on the small islands which dot the Andaman Sea. Thailand is a natural wonder too few have had the privilege to experience.

No wonder Thailand destination weddings are so popular. The name Thailand, or “land of the free” offers a romantic setting for a tropical wedding. And there are many unique things to be savored while visiting Thailand. Would you like to visit a sanctuary for elephants? You may visit a Buddhist shrine or go for a walk along the beautiful soft white sand beaches which are bordered on one side by crystal clear water and on the other by a thick green rain forest.

When in Thailand there are lots of accommodations for you and your guests. The country is filled with luxurious spas and remote, romantic hideaways. The tranquility of this peaceful land is extremely seductive.

Thailand Destination Wedding1As an example, would you like your wedding on a beautiful white beach? Then perhaps you would like to see Leo Bay. As you sit and watch a breathtaking sunset from the comfort of your table at the beach bar, you may look around and feel as though you have been here before. And perhaps you have. The location was used in scenes from a major James Bond film. This beautiful island location was seem by millions of people on the motion picture screen — right where you’re sitting!

When looking for weddings in Thailand packages, take into consideration the weather. In the north of Thailand seasons are well defined. November to May is mostly dry, but March through May tend to get very hot. November through February has cool breezes. Avoid the months of November and May because these have the heaviest rainfall.

If you plan to have your wedding in the southern part of the country, there are basically two seasons: dry and wet. The west coast has heavy storms from April through October. On the east coast the rain is heaviest between September and December.

There is no question that your Thailand destination wedding will be an event remembered fondly by you and all of your guests. So why not make plans now to get married in this beautiful Asian land? There is no more romantic place on earth for both your wedding and your honeymoon! For more info about getting married in Thailand Australian, contact us now!